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  • Web-based survey to Hungarian neurologists, stroke physicians, neurointerventionalists, neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons
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    Prof. Dr. Bereczki Dániel
    a Magyar Stroke Társaság elnöke

    Dear Professors and Doctors,

    I am contacting you following the recommendation of Doctor Daniel Bereczki who brought a key support to our initiatives over the past few months.

    As a PhD student at the Institute of Health, Policy and Law of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), I am working on the E-U funded Horizon 2020 project which aims at developing and validating a new imaging technology called Spectral Photon Counting CT (SPCCT) and contrast-media. SPCCT will allow earlier diagnosis by means of a high spatial resolution combined to the newly developed contrast agent.
    The project is led by Professor Philippe Douek from Lyon (France) and involves neurologists, cardiologists, radiologists, physicists and health economists in different European countries.
    My team and I are focusing on the cost-effectiveness analysis of the new technology.

    In an initial stage, we need to understand the current practice for the diagnosis and treatment pattern of acute stroke patients locally in 4 selected European countries (Germany, Hungary, Sweden and UK).
    To reach that goal, I have designed, with the help of visionary clinicians in the countries, a web-based survey targeted at neurologists, stroke physicians, neurointerventionalists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and emergency physicians (including those completing their specialisation).

    It can be accessed via the following URL: click here >>

    The survey takes only 10 minutes to be completed.

    In this context, my request is the following:
    Would you all be so kind to advertise the survey to your team members and ask a few of them to respond to it?

    I would really appreciate and be honored if you could support our initiative.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Kind regards,

    Anne-Claire PEULTIER
    PhD Candidate
    Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
    Email: peultier@bmg.eur.nl
    Website: www.bmg.eur.nl